book answers on a rainy day

best umbrellas ever

hey everyone, thanks for all your congratulations! it’s so great to have a community to celebrate with :)

i thought i’d answer a few questions about the book that came up in the comments.

first, how much did i have to do with the designing of the cover? none. and for that reason i am super impressed. the book contract is for my patterns – i provide patterns and knits, proofing, extra things to take photos of and general blather, etc. the people i’m working with as editors try to make the book as ‘me’ as possible while also following the rules for knitting books put out by them. for that reason, you can expect pattern set ups like those in Yarnplay or Fitted Knits.

also for that reason, i have no idea what that object is holding that hat. i think whatever it is, it is fabulous, but, sadly, it is not mine. the knitting is mine though :)

if you all have any more questions, i’d love to answer them within reason. fire away.

p.s. found these umbrellas for a dollar each at a garage sale a while ago… and took a pic because i’m planning to use them until they fall apart and they are SOOO cool.

3 thoughts on “book answers on a rainy day

  1. I love that brown and yellow one. way cool. You find awesome things at garage sales. I try, but I usually tend to stumble on really dirty things. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.

  2. First, I want to congratulate you and sorry I missed the chance to do so yesterday. The cover is fabulous and I cannot not wait until your book comes out. Second – – those umbrellas are great. How do you find such great stuff?

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