pink seagull sleep hat

naming help by ben and katy. this one has been a long long time coming and it is the second to last hat in the stack from pre-pittsburgh. it was even blocked in vancouver! most of the ends might even have been sewn in there…

pink seagull sleep hat

my hand dyed irish tweed wool – although more green than it appears
my hand dyed recycled sweater wool
bit of my hand dyed handspun for the tassel

6-18 mo.

and it can be worn this way

pink seagull sleep hat - way two

or this way

pink seagull sleep hat - way one

at first, ben and i both loved the decorative purl row, of the first. but now that i’m looking, i may be leaning towards the second. in other words, i’m on the fence – which do you like better?

5 thoughts on “pink seagull sleep hat

  1. Cosy, I’ve noticed that most of your hats don’t have a folded brim (i.e. they are worn like the second shot of this hat). Do you ever have anyone complain of cold ears? How do you address this? I’m notorious for having my ears ache when the wind blows–even with a folded brim–do you have any creative solutions? By the way–I love this hat–delightful color combo and the slouchiness is groovy.

  2. I like the second. The first looks like you didn’t know to knit a row before the turning row to avoid the colour crossover. (It may have been intentional, but that’s what it looks like.)

    To Sarah M in the comments: that’s what the coat hood is for, at least in the prairies. You’ll never get enough layers of wool to stop the wind completely, so the toque provides warmth and the coat hood breaks the wind. It’s all about the layers.

  3. I prefer the second one too. To me the first one looks like it was turned up at the wrong spot or turned up when it shouldn’t have been. Maybe if it had had a bit more of the pink on the other side of the purl row? It is a good idea for a child’s hat because it could then be used for more than one season.

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