scrap-happy celebration hat

although i am never one to complain about all of the little balls of wool that fill up my stash… this is what others might call a stash busting hat. i wrote this playful little pattern down as a toast – in celebration of life in a new place, a space for all of my wool, and a hopeful business expansion. but seriously, little balls of wool in many colors organized and ready to be matched up together in interesting ways? how could i resist? plus, it’s autumn and that is the beginning of hat weather. yay!

scrap-happy celebration hat

scrap-happy celebration hat

needles: size 7 US (4.5 mm) 16 in. circular and double-pointeds or just the dpns
yarn: 5 balls of worstedish weight in small quantities
-in this one i used two mountain colors mill ends, cascade 220, lamb’s pride and some of my hand dyed recycled sweater wool.
size: 18 mo. – 4 yr.
gauge: mine varies from 4 ¾ to 5 ¼ stitches per inch

not sure if you have enough yarn in one ball? no biggie. the purl ridges of this pattern easily hide any small discrepancies in the width of the stripes. i sometimes vary them on purpose to cover it up more and to use yarns i really think need to be in the hat but i have less of. smaller stripes work too, like on this hat. i also have been known to just knit until i run out of wool and then move on to the next color.

your goal height for this hat is 7 ¼-7½ in. (18.4-19.1 cm), that means that on this version each stripe is approximately 1 ½ in. (3.8 cm) wide. width-wise, the goal is 9 ½-10 in. this hat tends to fit around the head as opposed to beanie-like tight to the head. for that reason, if you want to up the hat size (4 yr old to adult small – approx 21 in. head), you can keep the cast on number the same and increase your height goal to by about an inch. if you want a smaller size (6-18 mo. – approx 18 in. head), you’ll need to subtract 8 stitches from all totals and make it about an inch shorter.

scrap-happy celebration hat - modeled 2

CO 96 stitches
join, being careful not to twist

k3, p1 for a bit over an inch
switch to stockingnet stitch until the entire piece measures 1 ½ in.

at this point and every 1 ½ in. hereafter, break the previous yarn and change to a new yarn
work a purl row
switch to stockingnet stitch and knit until the entire piece measures 1 ½ in. more than before (1 ½ , 3, 4 ½, 6, 7 ½)

in the midst of the fourth color section, when the entire piece measures 5 ¾ in, start working the decrease rows.

decrease rows:
-keep working in pattern
-if you’re using a circular needle, switch to double-pointed needles when it becomes uncomfortable
-if a decrease round falls on your last purl ridge, work purls instead of the knits (for instance, p5, p2tog instead of k5, k2tog)

round 1 – *k6, k2tog*
round 2 – knit (84 st.)
*k5, k2tog*
k (72 st.)
*k4, k2tog*
k (60 st.)
*k3, k2tog*
k (48 st.)
*k2, k2tog*
k (36 st.)
*k1, k2tog*
k (24 st.)
*k2tog* (12 st.)
*k2tog* (6 st.)

when you have 6 stitches left, cut a 6-8 in. tail, thread the tail onto a tapestry needle and pull through the live stitches. pull inside of the hat, knot and sew in the end to secure it. sew in the rest of the ends and you’re in business!

scrap-happy celebration hat - top

30 thoughts on “scrap-happy celebration hat

  1. hey, thanks for posting this! i hope the move went well. looks like you have been SO productive lately and your stuff is all as gorgeous as ever. :-) yvette xoxo

  2. Thanks for the pattern! Both of your Scrap Happy hats are just too cute, and you have a really great eye for color. Must add this pattern to my Ravelry queue!!!

  3. woo i’m celebrating right with you! i’ve made 5 hats in the last week and a half – i think it’s the move/new studio and the sudden weather change and being able to knit at work all combining to make me hat-crazy. i was just planning a pattern to post on my blog on my drive home today, i’m gonna follow your lead and start posting free patterns when i think i have a decent one.

    your work is always so inspirational, and you are indeed brilliant with color design! and your yarn room rocks! yeah!

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  5. Hi, I was just wondering if you had any policy on whether or not someone could create this hat and then sell it for profit.
    Thanks, great pattern by the way. :)

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  8. hi. I am excited to try this pattern very soon. I saw on ravelry that it said you have comments on how to make an adult one. I am having a hard time finding those comments. Can you give me a link to it or something? I would appreciate it. Thanks for making such cool stuff.

    • from the pattern: *if you want to up the hat size (4 yr old to adult small approx 21 in. head), you can keep the cast on number the same and increase your height goal to by about an inch.*

      for a larger size – adult m/l, cast on 100 and add 1 3/4 in. to the size before the decreases. you’ll need to decrease 4 sts the row before you start the official decreases.

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  12. This hat pattern is the Bomb! Love It, thanks for sharing it. I am almost doen knitting one in red and white scrap Cascade 220…

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  14. A teacher friend says schools always need hats for kids that come without so I’m going to try sizing these up for grade schoolers. I’m burnt out knitting preemie hats. Hats and mittens for grade school kids now!

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  18. Thanks for the pattern. Just found the pattern on my time line? I’ve made hats for school, abuse centers etc…..they are my favorite to knit! Hope your Holidays are “bright!” thelma

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