this morning i went over and met with the lovely sharon of the yoga matrika yoga center in my neighborhood. i first met her at the knitting shop and then saw her again at the ‘i made it’ market. earlier this week, she sent me an email to see if i’d be interested in consigning some hats to her shop. they offer two knitting centered workshops: one on knitting and meditation and one called sit and knit. she said that she also teaches all of her pregnant women to knit at 30 weeks :) in the front of her shop, she has a little area where she does a bit of retail – currently she has baby slings that she makes and art made by other local artisans (pottery). maybe i’ll move my yoga out of my living room and into her classes.

that said, i must tell you that i am very very picky about consignments. i do not go looking for them, and i must have a good feeling from the person in order to even consider it. another consideration is that i also need to make enough money. i took this one on because i got a great feel from sharon and am very happy to be co-conspiring to make the world a more beautiful and healthy place.

in other news, i’ve two baby hats to show today. this first one i knit at knitting group on tuesday – and had to restart 3 times before i got the right number cast on (apparently i couldn’t divide by four…). that’s what i get for talking and knitting and eating the brownies christine made all at the same time!! this hat features something that i’ve been really digging lately – the k3, p1 rib. i can’t seem to get enough – started another hat with it yesterday. i think i like how it’s just a bit more frilly around the face than the old k2, p2.

malibu blue hawaiian shirt hat

malibu blue hawaiian shirt hat

thrifted blue wool
two mountain colors mill ends
recycled sweater wool

6-18 mo.

malibu blue hawaiian shirt hat

and this next one has been a long time coming – another of the dwindling stack of hats knit while moving.

growing like a weed hat

growing like a weed hat

hand dyed recycled sweater wool
thrifted wool

6-18 mo.

growing like a weed hat

hope you all have a great day! it’s another sunny one here in pittsburgh so i’m moving out to the porch to read.


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