yarn room – looking better

i know, i know… two posts in one day. but i couldn’t not show you the yarn room. yesterday, i transformed it from chaos and craziness into something workable, and if you’ll excuse the slight blurriness of the photos (there’s a tree right outside the window), i’ll give you the pictoral tour. it will have some shelves up high on the left hand wall above the coffee table, but the stud finder doesn’t work through new paint?!?? so it won’t be for a bit. wonder how long you have to wait…

anyhow, here’s looking in from the outside

yarn room from outside

left side from the doorway

yarn room left

the front left corner right when you walk in

yarn room left front

the far left corner

yarn room left back

the right wall

yarn room right

and if you are even more curious, you can see notes on all of these pictures over at my flickr. i must say, that my thrown together set up is not nearly as cool as annie’s new craft space that she made herself! but i like it and it will do for me. now i can knit… er i mean now i can finish up my last graduate school class that is due very soon.

welcome to the new home of cosy knits (literally). it’s nice to have a place.


4 thoughts on “yarn room – looking better

  1. i have a geography question, i had the idea that you had moved to seattle, wa, or was that just a visit, or am i completely loopy? i live in seattle part of the year so it had caught my eye that you were here too.

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