new solutions to old problems

the craft shows went well. although, last night i was burnt to a crisp from sitting in the sun for five hours. it feels like autumn… wait, no, it’s summer… it feels like autumn… you know the story. anyhow, they went well and that’s what matters. i even sold a couple of my very favorites. i’m always pleased to see them go to a good home. sabbathy monday combined with craft fair tiredness, plus the fact that i seem to have lost my tapestry needle again means no hats for your viewing pleasure today. instead, i thought i’d show you another project.

what do i do with all of those sweater chunks from my early recycling career that don’t come apart well or that are undesirable fiber for some reason? what about the small chunks of yarn that you inevitably get when ripping sweaters now? ugly roving that i would felt if i over dyed? over spun yarn from my early spinning days? small pieces of waste fluff from spinning now?

well, i’ve found the perfect solution:

bean bag

ben’s old beanbag. he gets very excited when i find another something fibery that i don’t want :) and i must say that wool is a way better filler than the crap that’s normally in bean bags. and now i have a useful place to put stuff rather than trying to convince someone else to use it. it makes us all happy – hurrah! here’s a photo of the insides:

bean bag insides

speaking of stuff i don’t really want, i am finding yarn that i’m quite willing to part with while organizing also. i’m thinking maybe trades… i’ll keep you posted.

7 thoughts on “new solutions to old problems

  1. That’s a great idea! I’d been planning to use lots of little yarn snippets to make a shag rug, but heck, I haven’t had a bean bag in years, and I miss them. Plus it’d be good for yarn snippets that really are too thin or too few to go well on the shag rug.

    This is what I love about fibreblogs. So much inspiration! :D

  2. If you want to trade on ravelry, I’m stampalina. You can see my stash, right now what’s up there is debbie bliss aran tweed for trade. I do have more, just haven’t gotten around to posting it…

  3. hurray for stuffing pillows with waste yarn!
    I have done this a lot. We also have stuffing left over from when the girls were going to make purses and packs out of unstuffed stuffed animals…
    Sadly we also have the “skins.” (The project didn’t really take off past unstuffing a lot of thrifted beasts.) I have been cutting them up slowly to stuff pillows with, too. Tedious.

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