two in the size of small

my morning routine is to get up, eat some breakfast, check on-line stuffs, go out on the porch and take pictures, come in and blog, add things to the shop etc…

so the last two mornings, while out taking photos of various fibery things, there have been construction workers two row houses down. i think they’re confused about what i’m doing, but they’re always friendly. today one of them yells over ‘that’s a red hot chili pepper hat. he wants his picture taken wearing that hat.’ the other one grins. i think he would have had i said okay :)

so, the red hot chili pepper hat it is

red hot chili pepper hat

my hand dyed recycled sweater wool
mountain colors mill end

red hot chili pepper hat - flat

size adult small.

this one got less yelling about – i was thinking because maybe it was more girlie, but naw… cause peach isn’t girlie or anything.  maybe it was the lack of earflaps.
nautical striped tulip bulb hat

nautical striped tulip bulb hat - flat

this one was knit while we were homeless, you might could guess the ingredients:
mountain colors mill ends

nautical striped tulip bulb hat

size adult small.

5 thoughts on “two in the size of small

  1. Cosy, I have meant to comment your string of hats for a while, but never get around to it. This is it!

    I knit, I have a large button collection, I am creative, I never knit hats, I don’t wear hats but your entries on the blog are lovely. I really, really enjoy visiting and seeing what you have been up to. Not that I use your ideas or anything, it is just enjoyable in it’s simplicity of presentation.

    Thank you for your inspiring blog!

  2. hey. cosy: i really enjoy your blog and the fact that you use recycked material. could you tell me how you go about “ripping” sweaters. i am new at knitting and i became immediately addicted. unfortunately, sometimes the yarn i like is just a little too pricy and i would love to learn how to recycle material. any help or info would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much for your time and inspiration.

  3. You know, sometimes when you show off these hats in the photos, I can help but be amazed at just how big that ball of yarn underneath them must really be. Especially if that’s an adult size small hat! O_O

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