sickly work, in which i admit that i’m a vampire

i’ve been absent because i’ve been sick. is it just me, or do colds hit you much harder as you get older? it probably doesn’t help that i don’t have a job to distract me from the fact that all i wanted to do was lie still and fall asleep. anyhow, all of the work that has been going on over here has been surfing the net type and simple can lie in one place and not think type.

i got done 50 granny squares done as for promos for the shop to turn in at my first craft mafia meeting on the 30th. here they are where i left them, in waterfall form:

waterfall of granny square promos

i also read – finished one book, started and finished another, and proceeded to start a third in between the napping

sickly books

when i started feeling a bit better after being in bed most all day friday with serious sinus pressure, i wanted to knit. however, i had just ransacked the still not completely organized yarn room to mail stuff to my publisher and certainly didn’t have the motivation to find yarn or patterns or creativity. what’s there to do? grab the first ball of yarn you see and go to the ravelry queue, of course!

Urchin from knitty

urchin on its own

first tried in some of my handspun, but i quickly realized that i wouldn’t have enough. fortunatly, by that time i had the pattern memorized so it was nothing to bust out this one.

size 10.5 US needles

malabrigo chunky

for carrie on her birthday (a bit late)

knit in size large, but not very big at all. on the other hand, i don’t think it’s meant to be a very big hat and of course, i didn’t exactly do a gauge swatch. it’s fortunate that carrie’s head is a bit smaller than mine because it looked horrid on me but quite cute on her. look:

carrie's urchin

and that’s the only time i’ve been outside in a few days. i liked this pattern – it’s fun and funky. the first time i’d grafted garter stitch and the first time i’d done the wrapping version of short rows. some day i will understand them :) if i were to make one for myself, i’d make it much longer and bigger like this one. although, i think i’d stay with the bulky wool for shape.

as to the web surfing aspects… they all revolved around whether the train tam has been working for people. and despite someone accidentally ranking it as one star on ravelry, (i assume it was an accident because everyone who has made it has put a smiley face as their rank and mentioned that they like their knit in the text) it has been successful (YAY!). and not only is it working, it appears to be a hat that is addictive. this blogger made four! and the other four that are in process on ravelry are the same two people working on their second ones. nobody has posted a picture yet though – so i guess i’ll continue to stalk. it’s funny how nervous i am about my first hat pattern. i guess it may have something to do with the fact that a whole slew of them are coming out in may and i hadn’t tested the waters at all until now.

in the meantime, it has been beautiful outside here in pittsburgh and i’ve been avoiding it like the plague, or, if you’d rather, like a vampire. ugh light. the urchin is also good for wearing over your face when you’re trying to avoid the light. it even makes a pretty pattern.

urchin insides

7 thoughts on “sickly work, in which i admit that i’m a vampire

  1. did you knit your granny squares? how did you do it? I would love to try that out but don’t know where to start. any help would be so appreciated!

  2. I’m sorry you’ve been sick. It seems like every one of my fave bloggers has been hit with this lately!

    The urchin looks adorable. And I’m so pumped about your book! It’s so exciting, I can’t wait!

  3. I was sick last week – I used Zicam and it kicked the cold’s butt! Of course, now the little one is sick – guess she got whatever I fought off. Poor thing.

    LOVE your urchin – now I definitely want to knit one! And I’m going to try a train tam, too!

    How was No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency? I’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t picked it up yet.

  4. I hope you are feeling better!
    The Chosen is one of the most amazing books I have ever read – I read it when I was 14, and it remains one of my favorite books ever. I do hope you enjoyed it too.

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