i am currently motivated to make green circles

green bubble chaser hat- side one

green bubble chaser hat

two mountain colors mill ends
middle – my hand dyed recycled sweater wool

color assistance by my friend sarah

size itty bitty

and more green circles (the other side)

green bubble chaser hat - side two

ben and i have actually started writing down how much time i work a day like a real job and it has been very motivational the last two days. the nice thing is that i can take time off when i need it to run errands and do other things (like hang out with ben), then i can make it up in the evenings. self-employment doing something you love is a harsh mistress, but i sure do enjoy that green circle embroidery. maybe i’ll do that for 7-8 hours today :)

green bubble chaser hat - flat

just kidding.

2 thoughts on “motivation

  1. Self-employment sounds dreamy. Although, I can imagine that, despite how much you love doing something, it could get frustrating trying to make deadlines and keep on task.

    Now that the new semester has started and I have NO time, I’m finding all sorts of things I’d rather being doing. Winter break is so far away!

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