grandma fixings

while i was home in missoula, my grandmother not only gave me her button stash, but also some other bits and bobbles including this

grandma's crayon flapper hat - embellishment

which looks to me like it belongs on a 1980s wedding dress. she was going to use it around the collar of a sweater, but never got around to it. what would i do with it? put it on a hat of course! i knew all along that this hat would need white embellishment and then this came along. great timing. the whole time i was knitting this one, i couldn’t get our of my head that the colors look like an orange crayon and a carnation pink crayon melted together. i also think that the colors are kind of ugly, but every time i’ve said that so far i’ve been strongly contradicted – so pretty she is. here’s a modeled shot

grandma's crayon flapper hat

grandma’s crayon flapper hat

my hand dyed recycled sweater wool
grandma’s glitz

adult size medium

i tacked the flowers down all of the way and leaves down only part way so that they flap a bit. i may need to reinforce.

grandma's crayon flapper hat - flat

and just because i think it’s funny, i took a great angled sideways shot that showed off both the shape of the hat and the embellishment – and after thinking it was so great, i noticed that i had a horrific double chin :) i love that i notice the knitting first

anyhow, friday and saturday i also got in a bit of sabbath knitting. fall has suddenly come upon us here in pittsburgh and what better way to celebrate than a new pair of mittens? my sabbath knitting for this week was a return to these mittens. when i started them, i had no idea who i was making them for, but since i kept this hat and they go together well enough – they’re for me! here’s the first one, thumbless, in all its glory in the cool crisp autumn morn. i’ve started the second one also. i figure i’ll do the thumbs at the end.

halland mittens

7 thoughts on “grandma fixings

  1. okay, i think i’ve said this at least four times, but this is, without a doubt, my favorite hat that you’ve ever made. i love the playfulness of it, the juxtaposition of ear flaps and an eighties rocking bridal appliqué. it’s amazing. i covet.

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