job description

the roving from this post, done on my drop spindle slightly before the move, during the cross country trip and while we were here, but still homeless. they’re smallish amounts, but i love them and i’m sure i’ll find a good use for them. i’m just as enamored with them in yarn form as in roving. i love it when that happens.

notice how i’ve dropped the hat a day thing? it was a good motivator for about a week :) i suppose one reason that i like fiber arts so much is that it is so varied. i can dye, spin, knit, rip apart sweaters, or embellish. such a nice multi-layered job and i rarely feel stuck doing one thing. and i guess i’d rather not be stuck talking about one thing either… so back to normal.

1 thought on “job description

  1. I thought about you this morning. We were at an auction south of Pittsburgh and there were boxes of jars of old buttons. I had to leave so I told my husband to try to get some. When he came home he told me they went for close to 10.00 a jar, small jars at that.

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