prairie grass train tam

prairie grass train tam

the original train tam from this post done up.

my hand dyed thrifted wool
embroidered with some wool my mom bought at a garage sale

prairie grass train tam

and there has been more stash enhancement (can you believe more than once in a week?). before we came to pittsburgh i noticed a listing on craigslist labeled ‘high quality yarn $2.’ of course, we weren’t here yet so i didn’t email. but the other day, while looking for furniture, i typed in yarn again and it was still there, so i emailed.

yesterday afternoon i walked over and looked through a lovely crafter’s yarn stash and came home with a gigantic bag full of wool. she is moving into a smaller house, working more on jewelry than weaving and knitting and so had to part with some of her stash. these were just the first cuts. it was fun, and while i dug we chatted, then she gave me a ride home. anyhow, i took select pictures of some of the wools over on flickr. there is also a lot of white and gray for me to dye over and some of the yarns in quantities large enough for sweaters! and she wasn’t at all afraid of very sheepy, rough wool. overall, she had a good variety. that’s my kind of fiber artist. we may get together and have tea.

p.s. i left behind a bunch of nice weaving wools on cones. if anyone’s interested, contact me!


10 thoughts on “prairie grass train tam

  1. You mentioned in an earlier post that you were making a hat a day. How can you do that? You must knit very very fast. It takes me at least 2 days to make a hat…maybe Im just slow.
    I also would like to know more about your book. What type of items will be in it, when it will be out, etc.
    I love your colors that you use. I just love to look at your hats. Just beautiful.

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