yarn room

yarn room

yesterday, we signed the lease for a house!! centrally located, historic row housing, built in book cases, new windows and bathrooms and kitchen, a clothes line, we can have cats, a porch, great landlords, 8 rooms… and some great friends to move in with – maggie and lucas. and yes, i did make ben, maggie and lucas pose in the room that will be the fiber art room. imagine, a room for fiber!! be still my heart. on the flipside, i think ben will be very happy that the yarn will be somewhat contained :)

in the meantime, we’re staying with our friends carrie and dj until the house is ready at the first of september. mostly i’ve been doing two things 1) working on my last papers for my masters and 2) making hats like crazy for the coming craft fair season.  i can’t tell you how much i miss my fiber stash.

5 thoughts on “yarn room

  1. Oh, that sounds wonderful. Just from that little picture it looks like a beautiful place – hardwood floors and built-in bookcases! You must do a photo tour so everyone can see.

  2. Oh man, a fibre arts room! I want one of those in my future dream house. It needs a connecting door to my personal library, which at the moment already needs a room of its own.

    Congrats on the house! It sounds great!

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