grandma’s button stash

while we were visiting my hometown, my grandmother found and gave to me her button stash – which consisted of 2 3 lb. coffee cans full of buttons. i should never have to buy buttons again. here’s a mere smattering on our friend maggie and lucas’ window sill where we are staying right now:

a smattering

if you’d like to see them bigger, go to flickr and click the ‘all sizes’ button above the picture. there were some real gems in there. here we are looking through them at grandma’s house:


here’s a similar picture with more buttons in it. ben’s look cracks me up :)

my grandma said that these are collected from years and years of sewing (especially for her daughter when she was young) and from saving buttons off of old clothing that wore out. that is a lot of buttons. although a bit overwhelmed, you can see that i dug through and brought two little jars with me in my luggage, the rest will be mailed at a later date or collected while back home. i think i’ll also need to update my button storage system. i’m thinking of adding some jars because they’ll show them off nicely.

7 thoughts on “grandma’s button stash

  1. I love this post Cosy. It must be such a good feeling to be able to share an interest with one’s Gradma. These buttons are just like little gems in so many ways.

  2. That’s a lot of buttons! I don’t have a large amount of buttons, and most of the ones I do have there’s only one of, so they aren’t much good for, say, sewing onto cardigans. But I do have some pretty neat ones, and the obsessive collector in me likes buying more when I get the chance.

  3. I have Mark’s Grandma’s button stash & I’m sure I’ll get my grandma’s someday, my Mom is very sentimental about those buttons, she’ll never use them but can’t let them go, she was allowed to play with them as a child.

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