peach melba hat

mostly knit while waiting at the border with my friend amanda while breathing exhaust for 4 hours on saturday morning. i’m not sure why, but it appears that canadians leave their country for their canada day weekend. *shrugs.* next time i’ll be sure not to join them. oh wait, i’m moving back to the states.

the good things about the trip… saw my friend tova whom i love and haven’t seen in at least 3 years. she was glorious and artsy as always. also saw her mother who was my k-8 art teacher, and met some more of her other lovely relations. hung out in their gorgeous house full of fine art – including a jasper johns!. the house, of course, overlooked bellingham bay and the sunset was stunning. i was also very pleased to run into mark, a good friend of ours who lives in bellingham. unplanned, saw him downtown – gotta love smaller cities. and it appears that mark has been reading my blog.  i didn’t think that anyone who really knew me read my blog… now i find out that both adam & sarah and mark & andrea do! ben’s former roomies both. if there are any more of you shying away from making your self known… please please out yourself! we’d love to know! you don’t even have to comment, just go to about me and send me a little email. pretty please. on another note, mark and his wife andrea are the amazing band called the no-fi soul rebellion. he’s brilliant. you should take a listen. now that we know that he has a blog, ben and i will certainly be following his blog too.

okay, back to the hat. my friend susan named this one and encouraged me not to rip it even though it was pooling awkwardly.

recycled sweater, hand dyed by me
embroidery – recycled sweater 70% angora/30% nylon
thrifted button

and i’m keeping this one. i rarely have this happen, but i put it on in the hot truck and looked in the little mirror on the sun shade and voila! loved it with my skin and hair. so it’s mine. i’ve long needed one of my hats to wear for both the joy of it and for advertising. yipee! now to make one for ben. here’s a flat view and a close-up for the embroidery/button.

the only issue i had along the way with this one was that the yarn pooled like crazy, but i think that it is so subtle a yarn in the first place that it works anyhow.

5 thoughts on “peach melba hat

  1. For most Canadians, the Canada Day weekend is not so excruciatingly important as a time of patriotism, but rather it is excruciatingly important as a time to escape the ratrace for cottages up north or camping/whatever south of the border. The fireworks are great and all, but the hours spent relaxing on the deck are equally important as the whole “woot!Canada” thing. It’s a relaxed sort of nationhood, i guess…

  2. adorable! it’s sort of flapper-esque to me, but in a really subtle way. and i love the color. very nice!

  3. Sometimes I think I’m one of the very few people who like to see pooling in yarn. I like to see large blobs of colour, and they keep me amused when I knit, seeing how big the blob can get.

    Though some things it just wouldn’t look good on, that’s true enough. But I like the way the colours pool on that hat.

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