a fine gift

before the camera was broken and before i went to alaska, a box arrived in the mail containing these knitting needles from annie.

her generousity is astounding and i promise to put these to good use. you see, blog readers, i am a teacher at heart. i get it from my mother. it is in my blood. and so i teach knitting to pretty much anyone who wants to know, at neighborhood festivals, and pretty much anywhere i can. however, due to my willingness to teach, many of my knitting needles have gone missing. so it is a blessing that annie agreed to donate these needles to furthering the knitting cause. it is an amazing gift that annie is giving to let people leave with needles that they can keep as well as the wool i usually gift to beginners.

why does she have so many knitting needles? well, the story is here and of course the answer is that annie is a wonderful craftswoman also. check out her amazing baby shoes that should be reappearing in her etsy shop once her family gets settled into their new home across the country. and, of course, she knits also – here’s a lovely little elizabeth zimmermann baby sweater that she made from her own handspun. what talent!  thank you so much annie.

2 thoughts on “a fine gift

  1. that’s so lovely, all those knitting needles! I’m glad you’ll be giving them away when you teach.
    I buy $2 knitting needles from Daiso, and give them away when I show my friends what to do. It’s great fun. Knitting builds such community among people.

  2. Jeepers, that’s a lot of needles! O_O I usually get my needles from the local Value Village, since there I can get a good set of metal needles for about 69 cents. I’ve managed to find some sizes that I can’t otherwise find in stores, too, like US 3s. The only part of buying needles there that I don’t like is the fact that they seem unable to grasp that dpns aren’t much use being sold in sets of 2. If I go looking for dpns, I have to hope and pray that there are 2 sets of the same size at the same time. And I’m usually out of luck, too. :/

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