button chatter – do you have a favorite?

my mother-in-law, like my mother and so many other people i know, used to sew. especially when these four boys were small (the star buttons in one of the other pics were used on some bib overalls for them). but, since she hasn’t done it in a long while and doesn’t plan to get back to it soon, she gifted me with a lovely new supply of interesting old buttons from her stash. i just reserved the cream of the crop for your viewing pleasure today.

these are the larger buttons with some small rhinestone ones. i wore rhinestones in my wedding, so those are probably for me. i’m also keen to keep the black, white, green, and metal sets together. maybe i’ll be a sweater knitter yet. when i get large sets of old buttons, i sometimes have a hard time using them on hats and such – splitting up the sets.

speaking of, i have a feeling that these ones will never even come off their card. they’re so sweet and lovely as they are. here are some other ones still on their cards and some pretty loose ones. one of my favorite things about inheriting buttons is that i get to know some of the stories behind them. i marked the ones that i know were used for something in particular in the flickr notes if you’re interested.

can’t wait to use these buttons on projects. speaking of, there have been no hat or mitt projects started since i finished the book knitting… (shame on me) i may have to change that today.

in the meantime… do you have a favorite button? why is it your favorite and/or what’s its story? i have a very special favorite button and i’ll hold you in suspense and share the story tomorrow.  in the meantime, i’d love to hear about yours.

p.s. because i’ve been complaining about my body so much, i thought you deserved an update!  i walked at least an hour the last two days and i also plan to also walk to the farmer’s market tomorrow.  and (of course) i’m feeling much better!

p.p.s. ben started packing today for the move.  yikes!

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