old shale smoke ring

my vacation is pretty much over – we leave on a plane tomorrow – and indeed, my vacation knitting is also done. i’ve had many of you ask about this yarn, so the specs are below and here’s a free pattern to boot!

katie, my mother-in-law, does not like to wear hats. but unlike my other friends and family who don’t like hats, she lives in alaska and can’t get away with a headband. so, this is the perfect accessory for her. she already has quite the collection (including a white, lace quiviut one!). why does she like them? they don’t squish her hair, can be worn many ways (like this or this), and they are warm and toasty. here’s another pretty shot of the colorway taken during our walk downtown.

as i said before, Katie is my only knitting relative, so when she came to visit ben and i in montana, of course we had to go dig through the bins of mill ends at mountain colors. she bought a whole bunch and hasn’t had the chance to use much of it yet… so i took it upon myself to borrow some from her stash to make her this smoke ring. it is mountain colors bearfoot – 60% superwash wool/25% mohair/15% nylon. we think the colorway is sagebrush and it was probably about 4 oz, because we tend to buy mill end bearfoot in sock-like quantities.

Anyhow, here’s the super simple pattern. Enjoy!

Old Shale Smoke Ring

Yarn: fingering weight wool

Needles: size 7 US, 16 in. circular

Final measurements: 12 in. across and about 14 in. tall

CO 144 stitches
join, being sure not to twist

row 1: purl
row 2: knit
row 3: purl

old shale pattern (stockingnet version)
row 1: knit
row 2: knit
row 3: k2tog 3 times, (yo, k) 6 times, k2tog 3 times
row 4: knit

repeat until you get towards the end of your wool
and end
third to last row: purl
second to last row: knit
last row: purl
BO loosely

block to make the ends behave themselves and loosen up the lace a bit
keep warm and enjoy!

37 thoughts on “old shale smoke ring

  1. I love smoke rings for the same reason. I have very thin hair, and when I am dressing warm to go into the city on a sales call or to a meeting, it’s the only thing I can use to prevent my hair from flattening. The pattern is perfect for the yarn, it looks like waves on the seashore.

  2. beautiful.

    i can’t believe you’re actually *allowed* (not in the strictest sense, obviously) to knit when on vacation. i get in trouble for knitting too much when my gf isn’t at work, let alone for when we’re both on vacation!

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  12. Could anyone help me out with yardage requirements for this? Like many of us, I like to knit from stash yarns and would love to know how *much* fingering weight wool is needed. Thanks.

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  17. I love smoke rings and this one is just gorgeous! Love the pattern and the yarn coloring. You will enjoy the stew out of it I’m sure!!

  18. I have been trying for quite a while to find a smoke ring scarf pattern. I used to have one and I lost it. I don’t like to wear hats and it was perfect because it didn’t smash my hair. The yarn used was mohair. I seem to remember it alternated needles of two different sizes.

    I googled mohair smoke ring scarf and I got all kinds of hits, but not the scarf I’m trying to find.

  19. Do you know how to make a knitted triangular head scarf using a scandinavian (or Bohus)(or Fair Isle) pattern? I need it to start with the widest part of the triangle and decrease to a point. I know you will need to k2tog and ssk at some point, but I do not know where to put the decreases so that I can maintain the pattern. Think mittens with a matching triangular head scarf. Thank you. Diana

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  21. Hi! I posted a link to your pattern on my blog, The Crafting Compendium, on my post about cowls. If you would like me to remove any reference and link to this pattern, please let me know.

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  23. I’m very close to completing my first smoke ring project using Ty dye wool fingering wit. sock yarn. The colors range from golds, greens and blacks. ( my dil’s favorite colors) It’s coming out beautiful and I can only imagine how much more it will be when blocked. I’m going to make another for my mum in law in the same yarns in purple and blues. She is a large woman so, I may go up a needle size. Thank you in advance for this pattern. I’m very proud of my accomplishment!

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