i got my ravelry invite! and i must say already that there’s no way i’m going to catalog my stash… little balls of thrift store wool and all :)

can you imagine?  and all that self-dyed sweater yarn.  nope.  not going to happen.  but i think it will be fun anyhow. looking at projects and yarns and what people are working on… plus, there’s appearantly going to be a way to sell patterns!  i think it will be a great community, but it will also be really interesting to see where it goes.

7 thoughts on “ravelry

  1. I have been on it for a few weeks and its amazing! just takes time….!
    I was going to add things from the past, but I think from now it will be present and future, as i go.

  2. Just got my invite last week and I’ve been so busy on there that I haven’t even blogged about it! Some of my friends with giant stashes are just starting with the yarn they need for projects, and then any new yarn from there.

    I really love the Ravelry community already.

  3. Oh I’m jealous. Waiting patiently, patiently…tap, tap, tap. Being so patient.

    I can’t wait to catalog my stash. I need to face it that frankly.

    And I know you won’t catalog yours, but seriously, I wish it were possible, because I would love to see it.

  4. Yes, yes, yes…me too…awaiting like the kid picked last for sports…always last…waiting for that invitation to arrive :(


    Isn’t that sad?

    Ok, I’m being dramatic!

    For real now, I can’t wait to get my invite. I’m sure it will be real soon and then I can spend all my nights adding my stash and needles and projects :)

    Your photos are looking lovely by the way! Such nice depth, crispness and color.


  5. I’m really hoping to get my Ravelry invite soon. It’ll be fun to try to catalogue my stash, thrift store yarn and all. Besides, I love seeing stash pictures. It inspires me to dig through my own stash and start knitting more from balls that I’ve had around for a while, instead of sticking to the top few layers. :p

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