i’ve been tagged…

for the first time ever (by suzen). now i feel like a real blogger… or something…

Seven Random Things About Me

1) i am a third generation montanan and lived there for the first 26 years of my life. i miss it.

2) most nights i go to bed freezing and wake up like a heater. my husband is opposite.

3) while still in university i dyed my hair old lady purple, unfortunatly i had dyed it too much before then so it faded away quickly and i was very blond for the summer.

4) for the last five years, i’ve dressed up as a color for halloween.

5) i never even thought about having children until i met ben.

6) ben and i kept our own last names for the first three years we were married, then right before we moved to canada, we both hyphenated. now we have really pretentious sounding names to attach to all of our artistic endeavours :)

7) i haven’t shaven my legs since i was 16.

i tag erin, katy, rosehip, jan-knit, and ally – tell us 7 random things about you.

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