if you read way back in the beginning of this blog, you’d know that i’d been involved in flickr for quite a while before i started blogging. due to that, i’ve started quite a few flickr groups… i just think that the concept of collecting together all sorts of pictures of similar things to be enticing and inspiring. anyhow, today i’d like to tell you about some of them for your perusal (and joining if you’d like!).

i have two groups tied for my first love:
handspun, hand dyed, handmade, which is all about seeing the proccess. the photos in this mosaic are from that. i don’t see nearly enough handspun knit up and find it nearly magical to see the roving, yarn, and the finished product too.
thrift and craft which used to be called recycled yarn, but then i noticed that there were no groups for other thrifty crafters, so i opened it up. i’m pretty sure some exist now though…

there’s also
the art of the knit hat of course!
embellished knits and crochet.

and i’ve already invited you to inspect the folk knitting group (which is getting bigger by the day!)

oh and the just for fun crafty mosaics for pictures like this one and anything else you’d like to mosaic up with some craft content.


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