contradiction sabbath knitting

it has been a glorious last three days here in vancouver.  i’m sure you can see the contradiction. 

i’ve had the urge all winter to do colorwork mittens. i got two pairs done as part of the thesis, but i am insatiable. so, on saturday night, i started these beauties. the pattern is from the book ‘Folk Mittens.’ mmm. colorwork.

one good thing about vancouver is that it rarely gets so warm i cannot knit… one bad thing about vancouver is that these would never be useful here…

speaking of sabbath knitting, i met another knitter on the bus yesterday on my way to church!  i can’t tell you how abnormal it is to find another person knitting on this particular bus (as in, i’ve never seen one).  so, i sat down next to Christa of the Christa Knits podcast and introduced myself. i still can’t decide if it was embarassing or not… she asked me where my knitting was when i told her that i was usually the only one knitting on that bus and i blurted out something about it being my sabbath… uh. yea. embarassing or not, still lovely to see another knitter on the bus!

in other news, i just started a new group over on flickr for folk knitting. it’s here if you’re interested in joining (and we’d love to have you!). i already think it’s the most inspirational and beautiful group ever. (over dramatic you think? have a look!).

6 thoughts on “contradiction sabbath knitting

  1. Not embarrassing at all :) And, while I was raised without any particular qualms about doing stuff or not doing stuff before or after church on Sundays, I’ve been spending a number of weekends in the past few years with friends who are Jewish and observe Shabbat pretty wholeheartedly: no driving, no electronics, no work… and I find it very restful!

    Pssst – c’mon over to the show page and leave me an answer about your Perfect Knitted Gift!

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