sneaking a peak

i knit (literally)… really i do.  in fact, i knit almost all day yesterday… i just can’t show you. these edges and the attached projects are being mailed out to my publisher today for my first official book deadline! yikes and woot! all that the same time.

in the meantime, i’ve been pulling stuff from the etsy shop rather than the promise of putting new stuff up because they’re going into a new little co-op type shop at the A Rocha nearby. i’m generally not interested in putting my stuff into shops, but this one is very unique. first of all, it’s at a community based conservation organization that i would fully love to support. i have friends who work there. i’ve been there to volunteer once and people i know volunteer there regularly. they also run a small community supported agriculture (CSA) that some of my friends are a part of. community links get me every time. i also have to love that a conservation group wants my recycled yarn. very fitting.

so i guess i’ll be working on the book and on getting stuff ready for them for the next month.  there’s never a shortage of work over here.

p.s. there are now new fibery links on the sidebar!  mostly dyeing and recycling sweaters, but also a burn chart to figure out what fibers are and an interesting piece on knitting with handspun.  i’ll try to add new ones as i find them.

4 thoughts on “sneaking a peak

  1. What is the title of the book and when will it be published, or is it a secret?

    All your thesis work and photos are lovely, I’m glad that it went well.

  2. Oh nice sneek peek!!! good luck on the book when is it coming out???!! and title??? will look forward to seeing it!!!! love your work!!! and good luck in the shop I would like to find somewhere to do that here as well!! need 1st inventory!!!! hehehe!! Hugs Linda

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