a sock!

but just one. it has been kicking around my house on the surface of things lately. it is from very very early on in my knitting career, when we were still living in missoula and the first winter i wanted to knit christmas presents. i remember being poor, but still buying nancy bush’s ‘knitting on the road’ anyhow and how incredibly happy i was to have it. i remember having to really concentrate to knit this, and the reason it is a ufo and has been for so long is that it wasn’t the right size. i was hoping for my mom’s size and got mine instead, so i abandoned it for other christmas knitting (and a simpler sock pattern).  it will be interesting to compare how i feel knitting it now to how i felt as a beginner back then.

just so that you know, all other ufo’s of that era have been thoroughly abandoned and deconstructed. there was a striped purse from a debbie bliss book (and i thought that would be a good idea why?) and a halter top from another book (???? it must have been because i had the cotton, the pattern, and it was summer so shouldn’t i knit it?) and a couple of others that i found a while ago and frogged. sigh -i love the rabid trying of all things that goes along with early knitting. what did you knit early on in your knitting career that was ridiculously not you and proof that you had no idea what was going on? come on, fess up!

7 thoughts on “a sock!

  1. I knit a Kaffe Fassett star coat, it was a lot of work, took a lot of time & looked ridiculous on me, I’m only 5’3″. I only brought myself to part with it last year but I hadn’t worn it since 1987!

  2. I knit an extremely bright Noro Silk Garden ribbed tank top that striped horizontally (flattering? no). Why? Most likely because I saw the pattern in Stitch N’ Bitch then saw the yarn separately and fell in love. Not thinking about how that yarn didn’t fit that pattern… at all.

    Also knit extremely large because I was new to the concept of ribbing and thought it wouldn’t fit me.

    Passed it on to a friend a bit ago, but it will always be my first sweater.

  3. I’m with Yvette :) Everything I make is someone else and not me. There are so many things to experiment with, sometimes I feel like a kid with $10 in a penny candy store, y’know?

  4. I bought a whole bag of tahki cotton classic in crayon blue to knit a tee shirt for Mark. and then I twisted the stitches before I joined the round, only discovering 2 inches up. Then I realized this would be the most boring project ever and would be totally dorky when finished. I was stuck with crayon blue cotton yarn forever, and it NEVER spoke to me.

  5. ha! thanks for sharing everyone. i knew we’d all done it.

    i can’t wait until you newbies get beyond that point and start smacking your foreheads about the things you made. i have some white cotton you can add to that blue shannon…

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