thesis overview

i went to the show this morning to meet a couple of people who couldn’t make it to the opening on wednesday when i was there, so i’ve been thinking a bit about how to process this whole thing.

my friend jenn, on the way over this morning, had told her little girls that i had been working on this for over a year and one of them said “she must be really proud.”

and i’ve been asked a bunch if i’m happy with it. really, what i’m happy with is far larger than the show. i’m happy that i chose to knit instead of paint or write poetry. people have seen me working on these projects… i have taught for free within my community during this process, and the projects are nearly as much a part of the community as i am. with both painting and poetry i’ve always been unmotivated because i feel like an artist in a box. lock myself up in my house (or wherever) do my work, present my work. i don’t really buy into the art world or the gallery scene anyhow, so i’m not sure how that would have went had i gone in that direction. with knitting the process is much more organic and fits so much more into my life. it seems that i have been matched to an occupation.

the other thing that makes me overly jubilant about this show is the fact that i am actually making a difference in people’s lives. i’m not saying that paintings and poetry don’t, but i especially feel it here. i’ve been thanked by so many people for thinking and writing about knitting and theology. it seems to me that it was a worthy thing to think about… worth it for me and worth it for those around me.  i’m touched that i can be a voice within the community of knitters, but i’m especially touched and honored by being allowed to be the voice of women older than me and women throughout time who have found knitting particularily incarnational.  shannon (whose blog i love) has some lovely thoughts on the knitting history over here – and i agree with her whole-heartedly.

one of my friends said to me that my exhibit is so me, and i said, “yeah, but remember when i came here? this wasn’t me then.” and she replied something like, “but it was” to both of us nodding.

so here i am, me. trying to meet a book deadline by next wednesday with a disaster for a house and less stress in my shoulders, moving on.

10 thoughts on “thesis overview

  1. What great pictures!

    I really admire the fact that you are doing knitting for your thesis. It has always bothered me that the practical arts (knitting, quilting, etc.) have been overlooked by the artworld, for they are just as creative and imaginative as other forms of art, maybe even more so because they are so accessible…

    Thanks for sharing your gallery show & its progress — it’s been so great seeing it all come together.

  2. Yay! I so wish I could be there–it looks perfect. I love the community scarf hanging on the wall, and all the little touches, like a mirror on the hat trunk, so people can try them on, and see what it looks like. It reminds me of all the best parts of going to childrens’ museums and science museums when I was a kid–seeing not only finished products, but touching them, and smelling them, and seeing the process.

    And yes, it really seems like you’ve landed exactly where you’re meant to be, creatively. I’m so thrilled!

  3. i bet it all feels a bit surreal… when i finished my hons thesis a couple of years ago i handed it in, and honestly thought, “ok, where is the bottle of champagne?!”… i think all the build-up to that moment of completion was too much for my mind to process straight away.

    how wonderful that you were able to create your project around something that you’re passionate about and something that, as you’ve noted, really effects the lives of others too.


  4. Bravo! Lovely projects and delightful photography. As a color stranding knitter from way back (try a yoke that puckered like mad back in 1962) I so love your work that appreciates the design but brings new life to the color concept.

  5. Your exhibit is wonderful, Cosy. I’m so impressed. I love its practicality, beauty, and interactivity. Looks like you ended up in the Lookout Gallery afterall? The natural lighting there is so nice on your work.

    And yeah, I agree. Your exhibit is so “you” when you first got to Regent.

    I found part of a 40 or 50-year-old skein of 100% wool at a rummage sale yesterday. So unusual around here, where I usually find (and bypass) tons of acrylic at auctions and rummages. It still had the label, so I also have a vintage cardigan sweater pattern you may be interested in. I’ll put it on my blog in the next couple of weeks so you can have it!

  6. I’m very curious to know why you feel inside of a box with painting an poetry. These aren’t my chosen methods of artistic communication either, but any elaboration on what is causing you/has caused you to think like this I’d love to hear!

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