booklets and extra time in the gallery

almost done with them – just the historical pieces to go! and pretty much done with the papers too. now to make a huge pile of all of the stuff that needs to go to the gallery on monday… (including furniture…)

for the curious, the title of my paper is “Speaking Eloquently on Behalf of Wool: Knitting as a Relevant Focal Practice for the Modern World”

and lastly, i’d like to thank everyone for their support, interest, and kind comments over the course of this project.  i usually email responses back when i get comments, but for these last few posts before the project goes up i won’t have time.  plus, i fear we’ll have all forgot what we said before i get around to it.  so, your words are taken to heart and thank you!

UPDATE:  I’ll also be in the gallery on friday morning around 10 if anyone can’t make the opening and wants to chat with me about the exhibit!

3 thoughts on “booklets and extra time in the gallery

  1. I just love the colours in this.
    How clever you are. All the best with your thesis.

    Thanks for the sock pattern. I’m halfway through the first.

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