melanie’s visit in fiber

there has been some fibery stuff going on over here (besides granny square blocking). this photo is of some recent book knitting, mostly done on transit while tooling around with melanie.

there was also a very important finished knit – the last thesis knit! more about that when i get a human in the picture. we introduced melanie to miyazaki films by watching a whole slew.

thrifting, of course, includes thrifting sweaters. on our little jaunt up north tuesday i got a lot of sweater ripping done. that fluffy live looking sweater is a very high percentage of angora and is almost painful to touch because it is a way too soft. i’m vacillating in between dyeing it (which i will probably do) and selling it without so that i don’t have to touch it anymore. the good/bad thing is that it looses a bit of the angora when ripped – good because it’s a wee bit more manageable, bad because there are angora fluffs everywhere and on everyone (bad if you’re ben and melanie, amusing if you’re me).

there has also been some etsy mailings and some handspun washing on the side.

she also managed to buy a hat from me and commission me for another.

there was even a bit of booklet writing. now, my dear friends, i must work on that dang paper.

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