saddest thing ever

cause you know, it’s good friday and that’s not sad or anything. okay. i may be over-dramatic.

these are my socks that rock socks and my first hole in a knit good. they will be darned, but probably with a different color (i used the rest to make these– there might be a little ball floating around somewhere). i certainly don’t feel like i’ve been wearing these very long or all that much. the yarn was a gift from my lovely friend pamela… sadness.

i am wondering if people think that a little bit of felting might have made these stick together better. i always hand-washed them instead of machine washing them anyhow – so is superwash all it’s cracked up to be? i don’t know. anyone? maybe wool with a bit of nylon would have been better?

on another note, i wouldn’t be wearing these right now anyhow because it has suddenly become crazy warm and nice in vancouver! it’s humid too and i haven’t quite figured out how to change my wardrobe – it seems like i have to figure it out every year. i always go out wearing too much clothing and end up carrying it all around with me.  enough with the complaining though, it’s beautiful.  sigh.  flowers will be one reason to miss vancouver.  i could walk around looking at flowers forever.

9 thoughts on “saddest thing ever

  1. I am Danish based in Eire, and I am a keen knitter and pattern translator. I have been following the progress on your project and I am absolutely fascinated. I look forward to hearing the results of your exhibition and so on.

    with regard to the sock hole: In Denmark we use wool mix for socks, they last forever, are machine washable and with the wool mixed in they are cosy and warm.

    I’ll be back! ;-)

  2. Yes superwash wool is all it’s cracked up to be , try felting it it doesn’t work. I put a sweater through a hot wash twice before I had the sense to read the label and found it was superwash /new wool. So have no fear and wash your socks in the washing machine,

  3. superwash won’t felt, but it does fuzz up a bit in the wash, which might help a little. some socks just do that though. i have a pair of opal socks that have little holes here and there. i’m not going to bother fixing them. to me, that’s the beauty of hand knit socks. you can wear them out and make more.

  4. i think the shoes are totally it hpny (danskos – pretty loose) – thanks for the clue.

    elanknits and irene- i agree that the wool mix (with nylon) might be better. i’ll try that in the future!

    melanie and georgia- there seems to have been a misunderstanding here. what i was talking about when i asked if superwash was all it is cracked up to be was merely whether the felting factor of real wool or wool/nylon would be stronger. i realize that it is washable and does not felt. however, felting makes a tougher fabric, so my ponderance was merely if slightly felted heels and toes would last longer.


  5. Of the few socks I’ve knit to date, the only ones to have a hole are the ones that had nylon blended in with the wool.

    I’m slogging away at finishing my first koigu sock, and feeling some anxiety that these pricey socks might wear out at some point, making me feel very unthrifty about using such an expensive yarn on a sock. In my moment of splurging, I bought another two skeins of koigu, and am wondering if I should make gloves or something less likely to wear out from them.

  6. it seems like felting just a bit would be okay, but you don’t want to lose the elasticity. ie it might not fit over your heel too well if it were felted.
    I don’t use superwash much. It has some kind of chemical process done to it to make it not felt.
    They do call mohair, “nature’s nylon” or some such. a wool/mohair blend would work a treat, I’m sure.
    (Like lamb’s pride.)

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