a good days thrifting

i volunteered today.

see on the left hand side, the not yarn or pottery stuff? that, my friends, is wool and silk roving. i’ve never found roving in a thrift store before. the tag says it’s from the the silk worker and i got two bags of it! so fun. as far as i can tell it’s crazy teal wool with blue, peach, and yellow silk. yay!

the other yarns are wool. i also got a bunch more of the weird grey/teal stuff in the upper right hand corner. lots of teal today…

the platter – handmade of course. to be used in the show to hold some of the grannies. i’m thinking the greens and blues.

for the last two days i have been knitting and knitting and knitting on the 3 by 3 ribbed scarf (it’s quite large) which is the last piece for the show. TEDIOUS. tedious. tedious. gracious, i can’t wait until it’s done. i’d almost rather work on reworking my paper (which i also still have to do…), but no. i’m off to knit.

4 thoughts on “a good days thrifting

  1. you have the most incredible thrifting karma! wool/silk roving!? that’s just amazing. I think your vocation is being confirmed. . .

  2. I’m looking forward to when the Knit From Your Stash challenges ends. I just know I’ll be blowing a whole paycheque at the thrift store! I normally don’t find much that’s good there, but I have found a few gems, and I miss the thrill of wondering if today will be another one of those days. :D

    (Though the challenge to get my stash down to a more manageable level before going and doing some yarn trawling is probably a good one, still. :p)

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