trumping along: what trumps what in your life?

if nothing else, those who know me will tell you that i’m a person with opinions. i consistently get asked sarcastically to tell how i really feel by many of my close friends. and really, i like having opinions. i like believing one way or another on a topic… and then after that i can change it as needed.

for instance, one thing i believe in is local and organic food. so, my husband and i try to buy in this order: local organic, organic, local, larger local, and then other. this is our loose guideline – if you can’t do it at some point, you don’t freak out, you deal with whatever you have to. it has been interesting to see people who come to regent college without a holistic vision of christianity be confronted with the idea that christianity has something to do with earth-keeping and food supply. they often freak out because it is too much to think about, too big an issue (what, cause salvation wasn’t?!?). one pastoral student friend sent an email back when he started working at a church that he had convinced them to use real mugs instead of styrofoam (yay!).

anyhow, this all came up because friday night, i went to another ‘integrated project in arts and theology’ and ran across a friend who needed to get some knitting needles from me. i happened to have them on me and passed them on. her husband then said “yay! i get a hat soon!” this particular instance struck me as funny and ironic. see, his grandmother had made him a scarf out of variegated acrylic that he would have never worn. so when i taught his wife how to knit, she hatched a plan to make it into a hat for him that he would wear. although they don’t seem to me like the kind of people that would be super excited about red heart, all thoughts of such things were trumped by the circumstances of the yarn.

this got me thinking about the opinions and guidelines that we live by. in the end, although i seem to have a lot of opinions, it seems to me that rules within life are really no good if they are not applicable (and bendable).  when i’m being good and not just obstinant, i allow this bending to happen under certain circumstances.

so, here are some of the places where i bend:

i believe in wool, but we’re not going to throw away the acrylic blanket that ben’s grandmother crocheted (seen in the picture above with the double knit polyester quilt that his mom made). in this case, the fact that the blanket was made by grandma trumps the fact that it isn’t made out of natural fiber.

i believe in using natural fibers (cotton has issues with pesticides, but you know… bend). i don’t really buy modern polyester/rayon/acrylic etc, but a huge part of my sweater collection is made up of 1970’s acrylic numbers (one of my favorites can be seen partially here.

although we generally prefer organic/free range or wild game meat, ben and i will both eat meat when the occasion trumps our food preferences.

generally against misc plastic made by slave labor, i love mass-produced weird christian stuff (especially catholic). a lot. so much that if i find something particualrily gaudy, i might even buy it new!

i also find that when i’m thrifting, the fact that something’s handmade will often trump what it’s made out of.

i love the little contradictions/bends in life… they crack me up. so what trumps what in your life?

4 thoughts on “trumping along: what trumps what in your life?

  1. i like that you have the strength to bend. i have opinions, and very often i don’t bend or don’t admit to bending which makes me stubborn and also makes me miss out on things that i wouldn’t have had i bent.

    i’m trying to be better.

  2. bending is a great ability. Often my problem has been that I bend too easily! but as I get older the lines that need to be solid become more apparent.

    I really like the story about the scarf into hat!

    Local food trumps organic, most of the time, unless I know it has been sprayed.

    In our lives, homeschooled was trumped by public school in the case of my youngest. I never thought that would happen, but she was clear about her needs, and we had to honor those needs even though they conflicted with our beliefs.

    Over time, the value of a gift has come to trump my dogma about the item’s production.

    Animal friendly fiber trumps fiber whose origins I am not clear about.

    I am in the same boat as you and Ben about meat. sadly. This is one I would like to tighten up.

    Tolerance/listening trumps adherence to dogma. Every time.

    Need to craft trumps desire to stay on internet. Right now!

  3. You would have a field day in my mom’s house. She’s got a couple of glow in the dark Mary statues, with glow in the dark rosary beads, too. Me, I do best with a wooden rosary. Do you have an Infant of Prague statue in your collection?

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