plain ribbing and thesis chatting

yesterday i had a meeting with the professor of record for my thesis. it went really well. i still have the paper to work on, but almost all of the knitting is done. i had her choose a piece as a gift and she chose these which couldn’t thrill me more. she’s moving to nova scotia and i think she’ll need them. she has been so helpful and lovely, including encouraging me to knit my thesis to begin with. i’m actually becoming excited about the library show because i may get to use a supercool space called the rare book room. it’s a room at the front of the library with at least two glass walls where all of the really old books reside. mmmm. old books and wool. that would mean it would be locked and that i could bring a spinning wheel and maybe some other woolie stuff in for demo and education. i’m also currently thinking a little booklet per project for people to read about the wools/patterns etc. it may be too much work, but it’s really what i’d like to do. i’ll keep you posted. we’re going to check out the library next wednesday.

if anyone’s around, the show is going to be on April 18th – May 4th at the Regent Carey Library at Regent College on UBC campus. the title of my part of the show is ‘I Reclaim: Knitting as Theological Practice’ and the reception is the 18th from 4-7 (i think…). i’m sure i’ll mention it again before it gets here.

without further ado i present to you some plain ribbed socks with short toe heels and toes. they’re to flesh out the thesis a bit. i needed some plain socks. right now i’m working on some stockingnet socks with french toes and french heels. someone told me that people who used to knit for money knit ribbed socks for themselves and stockingnet to sell. it makes sense, but i don’t know if it’s true. sometimes i just like a stockingnet sock. these ones are for someone special, but i don’t want to disclose it right this minute.

jojoland bloom – 59% wool/41% cotton
on size four needles

not much to say on these. easy peasy – flew from the needles. ever tried size 4 needle socks? i also like the thickness of them. here’s another pic.

yesterday was a busy day, besides that meeting i also volunteered at the thrift store. the woman who sorts buttons was there and let me go through all of her buttons and priced some for me! you can see those here. speaking of buttons, i’ve been drooling over this shop over on etsy lately, and especially these.

i also spent a wee bit of time yesterday considering what to do with the yellow lace i made the other day and decided on neckwarmer. i laced some yarn through the edges, but it didn’t make a stiff enough fabric. too shifty. i’ll most likely add crochet loops and buttons up the edge. but that will wait for another day. on today’s agenda, yoga, tea, bath, stockingnet stitch sock, npr. maybe cooking something.

3 thoughts on “plain ribbing and thesis chatting

  1. The loveliest socks. Stunning colour.

    The ‘rare books room’ sounds like a wonderful place to present your work. Love to know more about your thesis.

    I’d like to knit a pair of socks for my husband for winter. His feet stick out at the end of the doona during the night. Not sure where to start. I might come back later and ask you a few questions.

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