Queen Cosy of the woodland realm Originally uploaded by alissa.piroska.

there’s a new interview with me up online over at the aesthetic elevator. the theme of this blog really resonates with me as something i think about daily. self-described as “Exploring the visual arts, architecture and community planning in the context of American culture — towards a well-considered visual environment.” How necessary! Paul, the artist who runs it, also has a lovely set of sculptures seen here. He found out about me through his wife who is a fellow etsian.

if you’re not so into theology, there is very different interview with me by shannon okey of knitgrrl fame here.

if you have any further questions from reading these, i’d be happy to answer them! my email is cosyknitsliterally (!at) gmail (!dot) com.

UPDATE: this blog entry is a brief description of the thesis too. i realize that many of you are newer readers and the entry had been buried back at the beginning. maybe i should learn more about blogging and put a link to a page in my sidebar…

2 thoughts on “interviews

  1. cosy, the interview at aesthetic elevator helped me understand more what you see as the link b/w knitting and theology, because previously i wasn’t quite sure how the two related to each other. i like it!

  2. Thanks Cosy. What you articulated about knitting and theology was so well put. For me, the further I go back in the process, the closer I feel to being a co-creator. Cleaning, carding, spinning by hand, using wool in its natural colors, this has been a way to connect with the divine, at least for me.

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