merino wool

merino – pink, originally uploaded by cosymakes.

i think i’ve finally come to terms with merino wool. i don’t really like spinning it, but if i must, i want fat thick and thin singles that i won’t stress out about. so, i probably won’t buy much more merino roving. it’s too slippy for me. yes, nice and soft and lovely feeling, but slippy. it’s also too slippy for colorwork, but that’s a thought for another day.  i’ll let others spin it (unless for the thick and thin) and if i need it, i’ll buy it.  how does that sound?

i’ve spun a bit in the last couple days because my arms/neck/shoulders (i.e. my electrical system) has been on red alert. i’m knitting some larger projects for the thesis now and they’ve been taking a beating. i think when i get back from pittsburgh i might go in and get a massage (my health insurance covers it! and it would only cost $5! god bless canada and their health system!). it’s tough, this knitting for school and a living thing :).

4 thoughts on “merino wool

  1. Oooh, that’s pretty. And I totally sympathise about the pain. I’m giving myself a little knitting break at the moment, because I was getting knitter’s OOS, and I could feel my back giving out. It’s tough work!

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