bus knitting

emily’s sock 
Originally uploaded by cosymakes.

today on the bus i was knitting on a sock- the perfect brain dead bus knitting. at one point i looked up and noticed a very friendly guy – i’m guessing late teens, maybe early twenties standing right over me. that is not unusual since the bus was full and he’d have to stand somewhere, but i made eye contact and he smiled, so i figured he noticed i was knitting. he and the woman he was with (of similar age and east indian) started talking about knitting. of course that immediately drew me into the conversation. he asked if she had knit before and the following story came out:

she once knit a piece for her grandmother to put on her chest to keep her warm. close to the time that she was just finishing it up, her grandmother passed away. so, she had it put in the coffin with her grandmother (in its proper place of course). a while ago, she found it again! and when she asked her mother, she said that it didn’t match the outfit she was buried in, so she took it out!

4 thoughts on “bus knitting

  1. Wow, that’s sort of devastating. I thought it was the sweetest story, until I got to the “punch line”… sad. But how sweet of her to have knit it.

    And I loved that you blogged the overheard knitting story. :)

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