aspen tree elf hat

aspen tree elf hat – embroidery, originally uploaded by cosymakes.

the second of the hats for the commission. this one took me two tries to get it right. another good thing to remember about knitting for people is that the knitting not only has to be practical, but it also has to ‘fit’ the person. this hat is for a little boy who thinks that yellow and purple are girl colors. the first one i made is over on flickr. it has more deep browns, some yellow and orange (in a vareigated) because i had been thinking of different colored leaves.

of course the mom didn’t want to buy something that he wouldn’t wear and she wasn’t so sure about the first one, so i made a second one. it seems very important to me as a craftsperson to take commissions that push my boundaries, but aren’t something that i wouldn’t already make anyhow. that way, if it doesn’t quite ‘fit’, i can still be happy about making it and selling it or giving it away later.

one thing that did make this second one much better is that i asked what kind of tree the recipient likes.

main green- 85% wool/15% mohair
brown and bright green- thrifted wools
vareigated green- mill end from mountain colors

an adult size small – 21 in. should fit from 4 yrs old up.

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