ode to garter stitch

michael calls this one the neopolitan hat- flat view, originally uploaded by cosymakes.

ode to garter stitch

my own pattern
knit in this this amazing stuff. wool, mohair, and soysilk. my first time knitting in soy silk. i don’t think i’d like a whole skein of it, but in this form it was very fun. her shop is here.

i bought this skein with some christmas money. i have to tell you that when i got it in the mail it made me insanely happy. i just kept looking at it and touching it, and so of course i had to ball it up and knit with it right away. i think this yarn was perfect for garter stitch. i originally switched to stockingnet stitch at some point and the striping just wasn’t as pleasant as the bubbly thickness of garter. it has a divine halo and is nice and thick and warm and fuzzy like only mohair is. all i really have to say about this hat is YUM! i didn’t originally want to call it neopolitan, but perhaps it is more apt than i thought.  yay!  it has been renamed by my friend susan to chocolate dipped cherry hat.

the one irritating thing in the knitting of this is my own damn fault. i insist upon doing garter stitch in the round. it really is a pain, and yet if i’m making a hat i always do it. maybe it’s because flat hats just don’t make sense to me. i think it’s a psychological issue…

i have to admit, on the other hand, that this shape is not my favorite (it is different from the root vegetable)- unless it has something hanging off of it. due to my inability to make and hang pompoms, i made a tassel instead (see modeled shot on flickr).

anyhow, this is the last of the garter stitch thesis projects, unless i have extra time or accidentally do more.

here are some of my thoughts on the beauties of garter stitch:

1) insular
2) keeps stockingnet stitch (or lace) from curling
3) the ideal flat stitch – all the same all the time
4) reversible
5) stretchy

“It was used to make garters, or the tops of stockings where the most horizontal elasticity was required…” -Barbara Walker from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns

interesting that it is the first stitch pattern most knitters do, and then we loose sight of it. i started coming back around when sarah was using it as the brim of a hat. so starts the love affair all over again.

can you think of any other reasons to love garter stitch?

7 thoughts on “ode to garter stitch

  1. I love the way garter stitch inverts colors from the original order–I always feel like working variegated yarn, or different colors in garter stitch is an adventure because I can’t quite visualize what the final colorplay will be.

  2. great point kent! i love those scarves too. especially done in numerous colors.

    ah sarah, my so-called inspiration for reclaiming garter stitch. i agree. with this hat, i am more than convinced.

  3. Beautiful cap! I didn’t know that you were making a book, but I know I will want it!

    Love the speed with which you are blogging too, I just linked to your blog the other day, from my hat post

  4. hi hanna! i am making a book… and you’d only know if you clicked on the right photos in flickr. and that is why i’ve started this blog. i think i have a lot of pent up things to say because i was always wishy washy about whether i could rant on flickr or not :).

    thanks you so much for the mention in your post, i’ve gotten so many hits from it. you made my first week blogging super.

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