hand dyed traditional mittens

hand dyed traditional mittens – inside, originally uploaded by cosymakes.

specs: worsted weight yarn, size 4 US dpns, wooden
size: women’s medium
light- my hand dyed recycled sweater wool
dark- my hand dyed thrifted wool

on flickr you can see several other photos of this project. i made these promptly after the lapland mittens, using the same shape, simpler colorwork, and my hand dyed yarns. i made them up as i went along and for that reason i had some serious doubts about them at different times during their creation. i wasn’t sure if the color balance was right, how they’d look on the hand, the pattern balance etc. maybe i just need to knit more mittens to get comfortable with them.  one issue with this style of mitts- if not knit on tiny needles like the lapland mitts, they need extra reinforcement on the angled tops to make them stay tight together.  i’m now a big fan of this style of mitten.  i especially like that just the shape makes me think of historical knitting.  i also like how they fit.  i will be making more.

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