january – the bringer of new things

lapland mittens – fini! Originally uploaded by cosymakes.  
lapland mittens by marcia lewandowski
from folk mittens

brown- recycled j crew sweater wool
pink/peach- my hand dyed thrifted wool
white- thrifted wool

last january at about this time i had just started my flickr site to keep track of my overall knitting and thesis. about mid year i started my etsy store. this year i feel that it is time to move on and ramble a bit more about knitting on a blog. i was never sure about flickr, since it’s supposed to be for photos… and so now i have a space. welcome to my new blog! make yourself at home.  feel free to try on the handknits.

11 thoughts on “january – the bringer of new things

  1. Oh, I’m so looking forward to hearing about your theses! Seen your work on flickr for yonks but never said much, guess I was too in awe of your knitty talent!

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