open house – SALE!!

hi fibery friends,
i am writing to let any of you in the pittsburgh area know that i am closing out my yarn lines. i am not planning to stop dyeing, but i think there will be little to none for the next 3 years. my husband is entering a full time doctorate program as well as continuing to work and i believe it will take all of my energy to feed and take care of the littles, along with work on Indie Knit and Spin and designing.

note: this is a pretty pic, not a pic of the yarn i have left

and so with that in mind, i am selling the yarn that i have left at $10 a skein (usually $16) and am offering it up to pgh folks first. if you are interested in coming shopping or want to know if i have any yarn of a particular weight/color, send me an email at cosymakes(!at)gmail(dot!)com. i have a pretty flexible schedule for folks who want to come look.


p.s. if you are not in pgh and really really want some yarn, i’ll listen to your pleas at that email too ;)

m’s winter sweater

4T!!  he’s getting so big.

anyhow, vacation knitting. i’ve convinced my mom to make him a sweater too so he will have two next winter.
photo 1
he likes blue quite a bit. the blue is bfl i dyed, the yellowy green is rainbow chard and the other two are random stash yarns. i sewed in all the ends, but didn’t graft the underarms… and i want to try it on him one more time before i commit to that neck.

i’ve pretty much finished a sweater for w too, just haven’t found the right buttons.

birth month pattern sale!!

as of today, we have officially entered birth month for this second beanling. we’ll see when he decides to show… but in the meantime, have 40% off all of my independently published patterns. that means that most of my patterns are $3 instead of $5, and there’s no limit as to how many you can buy!

browse here! the 40% off will be given automatically at checkout.

tiny circles

i’ve never done a swap over ravelry before and this one was made up for my swap partner in the due in April 2014 group.  we had to include a finished knit of some sort.  swapping is so fun!
tiny circles
i could not have been better matched, than with this fabulous fiber artista. she loves wool, doesn’t use superwash, and didn’t find out if it was a boy or a girl but was vaguely using this color scheme for the babe’s room.  i made it 12 month size, since i figured that would last through next winter.  and some day i’ll write up the pattern. promise ;)
tiny circles
have i told you how much i love colorwork?  originally i thought i’d make a vest, but realized the only vest i’d be happy with is one that included steeks, and i haven’t done those yet.  so next on my learning agenda – steeks!  so i can make colorwork vests and sweaters into cardigans.  made from all my hand dyed sport weight yarns, of course.  raveled here.


sport herbaly
A garter stitch kimono jacket with contrasting button band, asymmetrical neck option, and lots of room to grow. This pattern includes exact instructions for Sport and Aran weight options, as well as schematics and measurements for other yarn weights and gauges.

Sport Weight Version
Yarn: Cosymakes Rainbow Chard Light, Snapdragon Sport, or another sport weight yarn, 385(450, 475, 500, 525, 550, 650) yds [352(411.5, 434.3, 457.2, 480, 503, 594.4) m] and a bit of contrasting color for the front band
Needles: size 7 US [4.5 mm] circular needle, or whatever size needle you need to get gauge
Gauge: 5.25 sts/in. [2.5 cm]
Sizes: 3 mo. (6, 12, 18, 24, 2, 4) or chest size 16(17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23) in. [40.6(43.2, 45.7, 48.3, 50.8, 53.3, 58.4) cm]

Aran Weight Version
Yarn: Cosymakes Rainbow Chard or another aran weight yarn, 285(330, 350, 370, 390, 410, 475) yds [260.6(302, 320, 338.3, 356.6, 375, 434.3) m] and a bit of contrasting color for the front band
Needles: size 10 US [6 mm] circular needle, or whatever size needle you need to get gauge
Gauge: 15.5 sts/4 in. [10.2 cm]
Sizes: 3 mo. (6, 12, 18, 24, 2, 4) or chest size 16(17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23) in. [40.6(43.2, 45.7, 48.3, 50.8, 53.3, 58.4) cm]

When you click on the button below and follow through on the payment, a seven page automatic download in pdf format will be delivered to your email address.


on ravelry here.
herbaly aran
Additional Note: After putting the 3 month old size on my 3 month old, the asymmetrical neck seems wide on that size baby. For the smallest sizes, I think the V neck will fit better. Or another solution might be to make a size smaller sweater, since it’s so roomy to begin with. Also note, the sleeves needed to be rolled up.

the plan

i have a plan. it includes publishing 2 more patterns and getting 3 more patterns out to test knitters before this baby is ready to come. think i can make it? here’s a sneak peek – hat, mittens, kiddo sized sweater (not baby!)
working working
sadly, the fogt baby wrap kits have been put on hold because my hips aren’t cooperating. if you really want one, send me an email to cosymakes(!at)gmail(dot!)com and we can discuss it. i did get some done before my hips started misbehaving and making a couple of kits for folks won’t kill me.

it was once cold

and i decided that m did not have a warm enough hat or mittens… so i made these some time in january. and thought i’d re-size the set and publish the pattern, but it’s getting close to birth month and this might not happen.  so here.  on this 60 degree day, have a boy in the snow with his hat and mittens.
sea anenome mitts/hat
he chose the red skein of yarn and 2 of the other colors.  he also loves the giant pompom and calls it the sea anemone.
sea anenome hat
as he would say today – no hat, no mittens. and for some reason he always says ‘because you took your mittens and your hat off.’ both apply.